Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Well I know everybody struggles in their life but sometimes you feel alone in your struggles. You don't see what others go through and so you think you are the only one having a hard time. I understand how people can become overweight. I know this because I was there. There is something I know for sure and that is I will never be there again. I have no doubt in my mind. Obesity is caused from different things in our life. Sometimes happiness, sometimes sadness, stress, the list goes on. I do know you don't have to feel so alone and empty. It is ok to treat ourselves sometimes with food but we have to know the limit. I see some of the worse cases of obesity at the hospital. When you are overweight you can't be properly cared for. Certain tests and procedures can't be done because of your weight. I just want others not to give up. Realize there is hope.Find out how much happier you are when you are healthy and happy. It is not just the body but the mind also. They work as one and are both so very important.