Thursday, October 28, 2010

Pressing on

It’s less then 3 weeks until my next Olympic lifting competition. This is the last chance to qualify for the American Open in Ohio. I know I can lift enough to qualify but doing so in competition seems to be a lot harder. The last 2 days of training were really good. Struggling with a few technical issues but those will just take time. Trying to put each part of the lift together at the perfect times seems to be quite difficult but I am going to get it. Just need…more reps, more time, and more determination.  I need to always believe in myself, think positive thoughts even when I miss a lift, and put everything I got into each lift.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Better late then never

This blog is the story of my life. How I made a transformation with my body and mind. How I continue to not fall back into being that unhealthy and unhappy person I used to be. Should of started writing the story a long time ago but when you are at what seems like the lowest point in your life its hard to find motivation for anything.

Today is the day after my 2nd Olympic Weightlifting Competition. I got another 3rd place medal. I am trying to be very happy and proud of myself but the way I work is I am never really satisfied. I am trying to change this to a certain extent but still needs work. Part of never being satisfied is a good thing but can also be very negative because then you never tell yourself how great you are.  I have found a passion in weightlifting and want to be the best I can be wherever that takes me. I know when I set my mind to something I can do it. Back in nursing school I was down to almost failing in 2 classes. I had to make greater then a 90% on my last test to pass. Each time I did it. The final semester was the hardest. Gave me my 1st anxiety attack and made me take anxiety and sleeping pills for 3 weeks to get through the class. The teacher said I couldn’t do it. I proved her wrong. Same goes with weightlifting. I know I can do it. I can be great. I just have to believe in myself. I am not sure why sometimes that seems like the hardest thing to do but most important.

Have you ever been passionate about something that others thought you couldn’t do or told you it was impossible?