Monday, January 10, 2011

Dariotis Memorial Competition.....1st Weightlifting Meet of 2011

This past Saturday I competed in another weightlifting competition. I have been working extremely hard at my lifts 5 to 6 days a week. I am getting more consistent at the lighter weights. I have been reading up on improving my mental game and what other lifters do. This is the first competition that I feel very proud of myself for. I made improvements in my technique and mental game. Improved my lifting total slightly but trying to remind myself all the time that its not the number that matters right now. Its how I perform. I made 2 out of 3 lifts on the snatch and clean and jerk. I also didn't cry or get upset when I did miss a lift. My previous competition I was so upset and started crying in front of everybody. Kinda embarrassing but I guess these things happen. This competition I listened to music and really didn't even think about being at a competition. Worked wonders for that performance anxiety I get. My goal is to be the best lifter I can be. I am willing to put the time and dedication into this and see where it takes me. I am very happy and having a great time. Looking forward to what the future brings!
Warm up

Warm up
Clean and Jerk Finish

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