Friday, March 16, 2012

My Team ZICO Application

My Mantra:
I have a calm mind and a strong body. 
I am a champion and greatness lies within me.

So I just finalized my application this morning to be sponsored by ZICO coconut water. What I have realized through my experience is that things never really get easy. When I was in the process of losing weight it was very hard. Now that I have been experiencing keeping it off for a few years now it is not any easier just a different kind of hard. I have to get creative to keep myself on track. I would call myself a little bit of a coconut water addict. When it comes to finding things to drink that are healthy, all natural, and low in sugar there are not very many options. Coconut water gives me a way to drink something I like without affecting my health in a negative way. So my choices of drinks on a daily basis are water (which I have to get creative with and add some cucumbers, mint leaves or fruit to), herbal tea, and coconut water multiple times throughout the day since I need a lot to keep me hydrated. Caffeine dehydrates you and for me I don't need anything helping me increase my stress so I try to keep it to a minimum. Coconut water also has a great source of electrolytes which keeps me well balanced throughout my day. Whether I get accepted to be sponsored or not this will be my routine and my life forever. Healthy is the only way. Finding sponsors is just one more way I can get out there and reach others and show them they are no different then me. Anybody can do what I am doing if they are willing to put in the work. If they pick a goal and set their mind to accomplishing it. The feeling of accomplishment keeps you wanting more. Keeps you striving to be the best in your life. Since this is the only life we have why not make it great. Don't just let it pass by you. Experience it. Live it. Enjoy it.

Here are my videos I made with my husbands help for my application. Not as perfect as I wanted to life isn't perfect. Turned out pretty good though.

Life change ZICO video

ZICO action video

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