Monday, February 10, 2014

Prolotherapy #3

So today was my 3rd prolotherapy injections series. Prolotherapy is a regenerative treatment which pretty much stimulates the body to heal itself. Being in the medical field I had never heard of this treatment but as a patient it has changed my life. Of course I am very sore right now because let's face it sticking a bunch of needles in your back and hip region is not very comfortable. But this shall pass in a few days and then it will be exciting to see how much progress I make this time around. Basically I run the show as far as how many treatments I get based on how I am doing and what amount of pain is an ok amount of pain to live with. So of course they are not guaranteeing no pain but a lot less with the possibility if full recovery. 

I find it amazing that stuff like this isn't used more and that not many people know about it or not some of the people that it would really help. I mean think of how many people are in this same situation where the doctors told them there was no hope and that they would be in pain forever and they didn't know any better and just believed it. What a tragedy that would be. Luckily I don't take no for an answer and something inside me said to keep searching and that this was not it for me. This was not how the story was going to end. And so now after almost losing everything I have gained everything and my journey continues. 

By the way don't my socks look pretty classy with my gown?


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