Sunday, July 3, 2011

Positive Talk

I have really been practicing improving my positive talk. Saying positive things to yourself and to others can really brighten the day. If you are like me and have negative thoughts a lot, when you say something positive you can't say something negative at the same time. The positive takes over and it makes things become reality. If you tell yourself you can't do something then you can't, but if you replace that with telling yourself you can and truly believe it, it can make dreams come true.

Today I was at a beer festival and a girl came up to me and said "Hey do you compete in Olympic Weightlifting?" I was like well yes. She said "I have seen you compete and really admire you." She said "I really want to take a picture of you and be able to say see I met her."  I had lots of wonderful things said to me today and it made me feel great. This girl has not idea how much she made my day. She made me feel like a celebrity. 

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