Friday, October 14, 2011

Competiton Day

 Quote of the day:
 "My thoughts before a big race are usually pretty simple. I tell myself: Get out of the blocks, run your race, stay relaxed. If you run your race, you'll win....Channel your energy. Focus." 
 - Carl Lewis

Tomorrow is the big race......tomorrow is competition day for me. This is a day I have been struggling with. What is struggle? Well I guess in this situation struggle to me is about finding out what doesn't work. Figuring out how to make it better the next time. Until one day what was a struggle before now just clicks. When something clicks does that mean we will not struggle again? Absolutely not. Dealing with struggles is forever. It is about making ourselves better. I would not be the person or be where I am today without the struggles I have gone through. They have helped to shape make me better in every possible way.

So what do I tell myself before competition? Ok.... so, I haven't narrowed it down yet to something I tell myself every time that I know works. But I do know what my problems have been and what should work. First of all negative thoughts. These never work. They will always try to come around but replacing these with something positive because if you are thinking positive you can't think negative at the same time. Those have to be gone. The only way is to believe in yourself and your abilities. To find the power inside of you. I know I can do this!

Next is controlling energy. Nervousness is energy. It can be good and it can also be bad. You want just enough to be balanced. Being too nervous means you will not be able to concentrate. For me it means I will be moving fast not controlled. That would not work. Olympic lifting is all about being smooth and controlled. If I start my first pull of the barbell off too fast the chances of me not making that lift are a lot higher. I know what works. Starting the lift slow and smooth makes the whole lift successful.

Another thing is not introducing anything new. Most competitions I have usually gotten a chiropractor adjustment the day before. This time I am not making any changes. Getting an adjustment is a change in your body, it can cause inflammation and I need my body to be how it is used to being right now. Last competition I brought myself some tea. I had so much doubt in myself that I thought a little tazo focus tea would bring my mind right where it needed to be. Well that didn't work. The truth is I am the only one that can bring my mind where it needs to be. Another thing is food. I usually bring a peanut butter and jelly or honey sandwich with me to competition. It is easier but the truth is I never eat that. No changes means doing things the way I usually do them on a daily basis. Eating what I normally eat. Lately I have not been eating any complex carbs. I have been eating lots of protein, a ton of veggies including mostly green leafy vegetables (lots of kale since it has the highest nutrient content), some dairy, some fruit and healthy fats.

I am still getting over being sick for over a week but luckily have made tremendous improvement. Just started to get my energy back this week. Only thing lingering now is a stuffy nose. Tuesday in training I conquered one of my struggles. I have been off and on able to snatch 130lbs for a long time. That has been my max on the snatch. On Tuesday I snatched 130lbs 3 times. It felt nothing like a max lift. It felt smooth. It felt great. See I can do it. Will I never miss 130lbs again? No of course not. But I can also get it. I can go beyond it. If we keep trying we will surpass. That day I kept thinking of how I kept missing the weight. I was frustrated. I walked outside and looked at a fountain at work. I repeated a quote to myself...."You miss 100% of the shots you don't take" ~ Wayne Gretzky. I told myself it was no big deal. That it would happen and I just have to keep trying. See I took the pressure off myself and later that day it happened. I had no thoughts of missing I just went out there and gave it everything I had. That day everything I had was more then good enough. 

So now that I know what doesn't work. I am going to do what I know does. I am going to give it all I got and with that I can't lose. I am going to believe in myself. I am going to have fun. Treasure the moments. I am going to stay calm and focused. I am going to smile. And in the end it will be a great day.

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