Sunday, June 9, 2013

Stay Safe

Ok so I have to say I was a little upset when my husband first told me he didn't want me running on the trails alone. Where would I possibly run then? I don't want to run 10 miles on a track or run the same route all the time. But realizing that a lot of people can't be trusted these days and that my strong punches and tae kwon do kicks alone might now be enough if attacked in the woods. I was given some mace that we bought from a running store. Now I can do all the running I want even though if someone did decide to attack me I would probably still punch then first with the mace in my hand. What instinct right? Well point of the story is to stay safe no matter how silly you feel with a can of mace in your hand. I have noticed it does keep certain people from acknowledging you. ;)

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