Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Super total

So on June 1st I completed my first super total weightlifting meet. I haven't been lifting as much since my IT band troubles but guess what I am lifting less often but more weight. Crazy phenomenon! 

I was really happy with my performance considering it was a powerlifting and Olympic lifting meet all in the same day which got a little chaotic at times. I pr'd my power lifts but ended up going a little lighter on my Olympic lifts then I probably could of but wanted to get a good total and get back in the game. This was my first meet in about a year since my injury which is a lot better but I have a feeling it may always be something I struggle with.

I pr'd on my deadlift at about 364 lbs which I am thrilled with since not that long ago 325 was my max. This is double my body weight!! :)

I consider that lift and totaling over 1000 pounds for the day my greatest success!

This got me so excited about lifting again but definitely have to remember I have been doing better by varying my workouts and not stressing so much over my competitions. I didn't even feel nearly as nervous as I used to. I was more focused. It's hard to let go of goals that you set for yourself. Last year I wanted to qualify for the American open. I made it 4kg away before getting hurt. I wanted it more then anything but I had to realize that even though I know if I really kept pushing and dedicating myself that I know it's possible to qualify but I also have to remember that maybe I am not built or meant to be a professional weightlifter. 

You don't have to be the best to be great! I am going to continue to compete and push myself to be the best I can be in all activities I do each and everyday and remember that anything is possible. And I will be happy with whatever end result that brings me. 

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