Saturday, June 22, 2013

My First Half Marathon


A fixed purpose, the power and will to persist, resolve, to have the drive, to have the grit, to go the distance, to be hell-bent on reaching a goal and getting it done no matter what.

So well where do I begin. It seems the half marathon that I have been planning could of come at a better time but I am certainly used to making due no matter what the circumstances. And no matter what I just completed my first half marathon in 2 hours, 10 mins, and 49 sec. Ok so maybe we can subtract the bathroom break I had to take at mile 3? Lesson learned don't drink too much right before the race get it all in 1-2 hours ahead of time. My husband just laughs because I had to pee 3 times in the hour before the race started and when I heard 3,2,1 go I knew I was in trouble again. Every bathroom had a really long wait but finally I decided I would suck it up. On that note I will think of it as completing a half marathon in 2 hours even. ;)

I am very happy with my time and just the fact that I completed it even though it felt like my legs were going to fall apart makes me proud of my accomplishment. 

These items in my hands were my good friends during the race. About half way through I was given the bottle of water and energy goo or whatever the correct terminology is and just kinda worked at them little by little for the rest of the race since I wasn't sure how I would ternate them in large quantities while running I think a little went a long way. 

I could probably talk forever about my journey today but its been a very long and busy couple of weeks and I have to be at work at 3am at the hospital. Yes I said it right crazy I know but I have a feeling I won't have any trouble sleeping. I am actually having trouble making myself stay awake for a few more hours. 

As I was hobbling around Seattle after the race in pain of course I starting thinking about when I will do my next one. Doesn't get much crazier then that. And of course I am sure I will try a full marathon but thinking of getting a couple half's under my belt first. No matter what it will be hard but it's about the accomplishment. It's about pushing yourself to be better each day. This is what keeps me moving forward. 

Last but not least forgot to add my next goal. Qualify for the New York City Marathon. Now this may be a ways away but gives me something to work toward! :)

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