Monday, September 19, 2011

Focusing on you

So are you the type of person that frequently compares yourself to someone else? This is not always a bad thing but it can be. For some, this drives them to make themselves better without bringing them down and holding them back in the process. For others, this could be what is keeping you from achieving your dreams. This could make someone feel inadequate and never happy with their accomplishments because they never match up to the person they are comparing themselves to.

First of all you have to figure out what type of person you are. I know I am the type of person that comparing myself to others will only hold me back. I am also the type of person that is usually never satisfied with my accomplishments because I always seem to want more. It never really seems to be good enough. I have definitely been making improvements on this in my life. But making changes in your life is not easy especially when you are used to being and doing things a certain way. It takes time of drilling the new way in to eventually make it part of you. The key is just not giving up. Making sure you congratulate yourself for your accomplishments. If you notice yourself doing something you shouldn't don't get angry at yourself just change it. Like me for instance if I notice myself thinking negative thoughts or comparing myself I just need to turn it around and say something positive. Tell myself how far I have come and remind myself I am exactly where I should be at this point and time. Remind myself to enjoy the moment. Don't set your expectations to high and miss the journey. It is the journey that shapes your life not the destination. The destination would be nothing without how you got there. And if you struggle more then others along the way to your destination it just makes it that much more commendable. Don't forget that happiness is a choice. You determine what kind of journey you will have in life. Keep dreaming and believing in yourself. Make sure you enjoy the little things along the way.

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