Thursday, September 15, 2011


So here is the story. I am suffering from a case of writers block. Every time I come up with some great ideas and things to say as soon as I sit down I can't seem to get them down in writing. I am sure glad writing isn't where I make my living because I can see how that would be very stressful and it seems the harder you try to think of something the worse it is.

So training is going really well I PR'd on my clean and jerk with 200lbs! Ok so no that is a lie but things have been going really well in practice. After the competition I PR'd on my clean at wasn't very pretty but hey I stood up with it. Snatch has been a bit more of a struggle with 130lbs getting the best of me instead of me getting the best of it. But as they say patience. Which means I am going to chill out and keep chipping away and let it come. One of the biggest problems is when the weight gets heavy I think I need to change how I lift it. Instead of continuing to pull it very slow off the ground like it's supposed to be done I decide pulling as fast as possible will definitely help. Well it seems that is not the case. You need to save your explosion for the top otherwise you will have nothing left when you get to that point and guess what that bar won't be going anywhere. Tuesday I struggled with my clean a bit for the first time but I think it was more mental then anything. My mind felt so good the whole practice. Really wasn't thinking about anything and all of a sudden 1 lift didn't go exactly right so I started thinking about what I needed to do to fix it. Very wrong. During training is not the time to start thinking about what you are doing wrong it is the time to think about what you need to be doing right. After you finish you can think about those things you need to fix. When you think about something you are doing wrong your mind doesn't comprehend how you are thinking about it it just thinks you need to do that thing you are thinking about if that makes any since. But I feel my squats are getting stronger and technique is getting better. What more can you ask for? I will continue to keep working hard on my body and my mind. It will be a life long journey but I know I can do it.

So onto my cooking. I did try some other recipes but decided it might be kind of boring if all I put on here was recipes. I want my blog to be diversified and include helpful information. After the chili I had also made some double chocolate cookies. I know what you are thinking this doesn't sound anything like what I should be eating but it was a treat and they were healthy. Well as healthy as a cookie could get. Made with brown rice flour, coconut oil and not a whole lot of sugar. They still tasted very good just not as sweet as a regular cookie but didn't feel as guilty and weight has still been around 150lbs. I also made some banana walnut muffins and then I think I got too frustrated, it was time for a break. The fact is you don't have to get so crazy about it. Don't be like me and let the spaz come out. I got all freaked out about cooking until I realized I don't have to cook a fancy meal everyday. It doesn't have to be stressful it can be fun. The food certainly tasted a lot better then the plain chicken and veggies I normally eat almost everyday. So how can that be bad? I finally figured out how to relax again and it feels great. Remember don't let life get the best of you. Most things aren't worth getting worked up about in the first place. Think about this quote below a little....I am sure you have heard of it. This can be used in all aspects of life. If you have no control over something why let it mess up your life. You are how you react.

  "Grant me the serenity
to accept the things I cannot change;
courage to change the things I can;
and wisdom to know the difference."
- known as the serenity prayer

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