Wednesday, January 1, 2014

My Story

June 2009
December 2013

“Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment.”  
~ Jim Rohn

Back in June 2009 I had succeed in losing about 60 lbs and went from a size 16 in pants to a 4-6. This all happened in less then a year. I completely changed my life not just physically but mentally. I wasn't inspired when I started. I almost feel like I was dragged into the gym kicking and screaming but yet with some curiosity and longing for a healthier life. I knew I was on the edge and I couldn't go much further without falling off if I didn't make some changes. I just didn't know what those changes were. 

At that point in my life I had been a nurse for 5 years. Doesn't seem like a long time when you think about it. But the effects it had on me could of seemed like a century. I had gained over 60 lbs in college. I experienced my first panic attack in nursing school. Over those years I tried many diets only lasting a few days. I would go to the gym for a day then stop. My husband had convinced me to try a new gym. We were talked into buying personal training when we definitely couldn't really afford it. But this training changed my life. I started working out a lot. The trainer put me on a diet. My energy increased and I started to experience what it felt like to feel good. I hadn't known this feeling in a really long time if ever. This is when I really got inspired. The results kept me going and ever since then I refused to ever go back. 

When I first started losing weight I couldn't even do a pushup. Running caused me to fall down gasping for breath. But over time the athlete inside of me came out. I have always been pretty determined and have always loved rising to a challenge. If someone said it couldn't be done it gave me one more reason to keep pushing. A fire sparked inside of me. My diet originally consisted of brown rice, oatmeal, eggs, veggies, lean protein and some healthy fat. I even got to eat bread occasionally. This was more along the lines of a bodybuilding diet. Eventually I plateaued and got interested in crossfit which introduced me to the paleo diet. And this was how I lost the rest. At that point I had improved my fitness level so much I started competing in fitness competitions ranging from crossfit, olympic weightlifting, and half marathons. I got certified as an instructor and dedicated my life to not only helping myself but helping others to change their life like I did. 

I grew up in Florida most of my life. As a child I struggled with my weight. I played softball since I was a little kid and one day my mom let me join tae kwon do. I excelled and threw myself into it. I lost a lot of weight and gained self confidence. I received my black belt and competed in the Jr. Olympics. During high school I competed in track and cross country and was the only girl on the wrestling team. Even though my skill wasn't the greatest my wrestling coach told me I had the most heart. After high school I received a scholarship for college after writing an essay about my family's battle with my fathers multiple sclerosis. During college I lost myself a bit during the struggle. I am not the most book smart but I do get things done when I put my mind to it. In college I got certified as an EMT and received my degree as a registered nurse. I can't say it was easy but every time someone told me I couldn't finish it drove me that much closer to success. I think that is why I have thank the people that were so hard on me. 

May 2009
My Husband has been a big part of my journey and has been on his own journey as well. Without the right support in your life these things that are already hard will be even harder to accomplish. My friends and my family have been with me every step of the way and continuing to see my beauty and strength even when I didn't see it myself. 

“Real leaders are ordinary people with extraordinary determination. ” 

~  Unknown 

December 2009

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