Saturday, July 20, 2013

Day two...the normal life

"Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value."

-  Albert Einstein

Ha ha when you say normal life. What is that really? Ok so maybe it's better to say majority. Since I have been injured I have been experiencing a life I am not really used to. Getting off work at 3:30pm. Coming home relaxing a bit. Then making dinner with a little walk after. Now experiencing this is hard to see how to have this life and the life where you hit the gym for 1-2 hours a day. No wonder everybody has a hard time. I used to feel like I had no time by the time you get off work come home for maybe an hour then it's time to hit a class at the gym and at that point it's time for bed. Now don't get me wrong it seems it must be very feasible to do both it's all about managing time and priorities. I am definitely looking forward to getting back to the gym so much but this time maybe with a little different outlook. In a little over a year I plan in trying to have a baby. Wow won't that be an experience. It is an experience I have been planning and I am ready and very excited for. :)

Today was one of the hardest days at the hospital. I was planning on giving hot yoga a shot but after straining my back again with a very difficult procedure I decided it should wait until tomorrow. I came home, Iced my back and was so tired I thought I was out for the duration. But then got my second wind and fixed dinner for me and my husband.

Baked rockfish with lemon pepper seasoning. Spaghetti squash with a garlic butter sauce and herbs from provence spices. And left over veggies from yesterday with broccoli, kale and spinach.

Completed with a glass of wine. Yes wine in small amounts I don't believe is bad at all actually healthy depending on who you ask. Antioxidants right? ;) everything in moderation and the more you workout the more flexibility you have. This week I will be going to the doctor and physical therapist in hopes to gain some improvement in my back so I can workout again. I have accepted that I might not be as lean by the time I am healed but my goal is to do the best I can. Eating as healthy as possible and doing the exercises I can do. It's awesome to still have people tell me I inspire them and I am the kinda person they inspire to be in fitness and in life. If we are inspired by something and have somebody to look up to it helps drive us further in our own accomplishments. 

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