Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Baby Fever

Ok so I have known for years that I have wanted a baby but have just been waiting for the right time. Now I know what you are thinking the time is never right. Which I am sure is totally true but what I have been experiencing is that sometimes you know when the time is right without it being the perfect right. I am sure there is someone out there that knows what I am taking about. Even if its not right it becomes right.

Somehow I seem to have caught the baby fever by looking at my friends baby. I have been feeling more and more ready but now it seems so real. I know deep inside that I am ready to have a baby. I am ready for it to be about someone else. I am ready for the joy and sacrifice. I am definitely ready. I do want to do it right though. I want to be healthy and fit for my baby. I want to teach my baby how to live a healthy lifestyle. Share the tools I have learned. It's a very exciting feeling and time. Ok no I am not pregnant yet. Don't get too excited. But in the near future it's a possibility. Did your first baby change your life?

You should take a look at this blog that i found while i was going crazy and googling baby fever to see if this whole thing was real or if I had just completely lost my mind. When you read it pay extra attention to the first comment.

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  1. This will be a journey that will be with you for all of your life. A journey of unimaginable love and devotion. You will be a part of God's greatest miracle, a sweet baby. You will be responsible for all they do until they are 18. It's a journey of immeasurable joy and worry and wonderful memories that will be with you forever. I will never offer unwanted advice except to give you one thought. When I was expectecting my first child, I vowed to raise him with love and to change the things I thought necessary to make this next generation better equipped than the previous. I also vowed to assure him that he was always loved and wanted and to see that he was kind and compassionate and fair to everyone.