Sunday, August 11, 2013

Experimenting with Epsom Salt

So during my injury I think almost everybody has asked me to try epsom salt for my back. Now me and epsom salt go way back. Ok way back meaning a couple years since I became a workout aholic. When I first started using them me and my husband lived in a house with a very large bathtub. Yes, a dream come true other then the fact it takes an hour for the tub to fill up and you would go broke with the amount of epsom salt you had to use. Then we had to move. My dream bathtub and fireplace swept out from under me. Next house had a regular size bathtub which I am sure most people have. Now coming from a tub that you could soak your whole body in to a tub where you have to soak half your body at a time a defiantly a bit disappointing. Needless to say my baths became a lot less frequent. Then the ability to even having a tub was swept out from under me. After another move I ended up with just a shower. Well at least I can stay clean but now while being injured epsom salt seemed to be out of the question. 

Until recently my chiropractor told me about epsom salt compresses. I will admit I did try that but in order to cover your entire back with a compress you need to use a large towel and lie on the floor which also turns out to be a bit messy with a wet towel and uncomfortable. So I decided to do a little research. Come to find out you can make epsom salt paste. Well I had an attempt with that by following a recipe I found online. But pretty sure came to realize it was never going to turn into paste just a bowl of water. I guess those ratios were a little off. 

Next epsom salt lotion. Hmmm....I do live lotion. My husband has told me many times that I am cut off from lotion. So far I think the experiment turned out a success. Now weather it works as well we will see but I did happen to notice it irritated my skin a little. Something to work on but getting closer. 

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