Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Who needs the gym?

Ok so I hope you know I am just kidding about not needing gym but of course there can be different kinds of gyms such as the great outdoors, which after getting attacked by a very large bug today i would recommend staying in doors. But come to find out I should be getting my workout in at work. 

During my physical therapy appointment today we were going over what I do at work and how to save my back. Does it seem a little concerning or surprising when I act like I have never heard about these proper body mechanics before? But remember what I said in my last blog post my body was indestructible. Oh yes or so I thought.

But proper body mechanics really means air squats and squat holds all day oh yes and some side stepping. When I hear the physical therapist telling me to stick my butt out I recall hearing that before and telling others that being the main focus when doing a squat. What I do not recall is ever actually doing that during my work day. So I am sure since I was indestructible proper body mechanics didn't apply to me. Funny how that works. Now it looks like I will save myself a little time in the gym and squat my way back to health. And I recall my orthopedic doctor recently told me to just stop squatting because my IT band was hurting. But from what it appears if I stopped squatting I would have a lot more hurting then that. 

Since I don't seem to have a picture of me squatting or good squat I should say I will just put a picture of me sitting. Well sitting is a type of squat, right? Ok so maybe in this instance my sitting form was not so great leaning forward and all but at least I Iook the cutest in this picture. Now lets face it when you look cute it gives you a little more flexibility or at the very least looks better on your blog.

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