Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Being the patient

I have learned so much in my journey through this injury. Learned so much more about what our patients really need from us. A warm smile, a listening ear and hope. I have seen multiple doctors. My last orthopedic surgeon gave me my diagnosis and without even listening to my struggles said you will have this pain for the rest of your life, your athletic days have come to an end and there is absolutely nothing to do for you. As I cried in fear of what would become of me I asked for some sort of direction, I asked to be heard and supported in my journey to a different kind of life. Now finally seeing a pain management doctor that listened, sympathized and and gave me hope that there is something I can do to get back to my life and career took such a load off of me. It didn't all have to be this way but seeing how it shouldn't be made me think of the patients. I now more then ever understand what they need. And it's not creating a miracle. It's something much more simple. A holding hand, a kind heart, and just to be listened to and supported. This I will bring back with me, to help guide me in giving the best to each and every person I care for everyday. 

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