Monday, September 9, 2013

New adventures in Healthcare Leadership

So today I got the opportunity to fly out to my first conference in healthcare. I mean I have done some local continuing education and seminars but nothing away from home. Just all the opportunities that have come forth in my life are so exciting for me. Ever since changing my life and not just with weight loss but with a combination of physical and mental changes. I have been able to care for patients the way I never was before and I have had a tremendous passion to help other healthcare workers take better care of themselves and experience the kind of joy, happiness and success I have been able to experience. I was elected last year to be the next leader for a council at the hospital I work at. I have taken on more and more responsibilities and gaining more and more confidence and just finding the opportunities keep heading my way. There is something to be said for feeling good about yourself because others notice. 

Today was a long day of flying but got an unexpected ride in a limo from the airport to the resorts and have already gotten to talk to a bunch of other healthcare workers with a similar passion. I probably seem like a kid in the candy store with all my excitement and being new to leadership have a lot to learn but so ready to dive right in and start making positive changes. 

The conference I am at this week is a relationship based care conference and even though I don't know what it involves yet, I do know it sounds pretty self explanatory. Creating better relationships across the system. So not just between healthcare workers and patients but also between other healthcare workers. Creating a better and friendlier environment overall which in the long run creates happier people and less mistakes. 

This conference is the International Relationship Based Care Symposium. It is located in Huron, OH at the Sawmill Creek Resort.

Tomorrow starts the learning. Check back soon 
for updates.  

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