Saturday, September 7, 2013

We are in it together

I believe in reaching out to others around you. I remember in nursing school they asked everybody why they wanted to be a nurse. Of course almost everybody stated they wanted to help others and to the instructors that was not an acceptable answer since well I guess it was the only answer. I mean I understand they wanted everybody to step out of the box a little and come up with a unique answer that was more personal.

But when it comes to life. I feel like we all have times when we really need the support of others. Times when we really need a little help getting back up after we have fallen down. I know I do and I think I am pretty strong. I don't think it matters how strong we are because we as humans will always have a weak moment. Life is definitely not about being perfect. Life is about striving for perfection and getting as close as you can.

So remember, when people around you are angry, sad, confused or whatever. People who don't have a smile to offer you. Those are the ones that need your love and support the most. I know we usually get angry and defensive when someone else is like that to us. But to be honest you have no idea what is going on in their life.

So lets share the love, support others, and smile. Think about how you would want others to act toward you and be that for them.

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