Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Day 2: Adventures in Healthcare Leadership

I guess all I can say to start today off is wow!! It has been a very full but amazing day with an overwhelming amount of inspiration and knowledge.

Ok so starting the day off with a continental breakfast which I guess only downfall of traveling is it kinda messes your body up and as far as eating goes you kinda just make the best choice with options available. Oh and I guess going to bed at 1am due to my body being very messed up with time is taking a toll also but no complaints here because this is for sure the most incredible experience and I feel so honored to have the opportunity. 

So getting down to business. The first speakers name was Roger Nierenberg, author of The Music Paradigm: Leading by Listening and the Power of Attunement. It was the most amazing experience of the day sitting in the middle of an orchestra listening to some incredible music learning how leadership can make or break the performance. I have a whole new respect for musicians for sure. Some key points of learning would be:

-  Your view and experience differs greatly on where your seat lies. 

-  Not everybody's job is as glamorous or rewarding.

-  The beauty is found and experienced when everybody comes together. 

-  In order to achieve unity everybody needs to be completely attuned and in the present moment. 

-  It's not about the authority and power you have it's how you use it.

-  The leaders job is to offer a vision of what could be. 

-  Your actions need to follow your vision.

If you are interested in hearing the song it can be downloaded on Roger's website.

What I have written doesn't even begin to  describe the experience. 

Next speaker was the Rebirth of a Caring  Culture: From Distrust and Disunity to Compassion and Joy by Kathleen Van Wagoner, author of Advancing Professional Nurse Practice. 

Key notes were:

-  Stories bring forth the attributes that are important in our life. 

- Whatever you do support the journey. 

-  Values are the driving force that guide our life. 

-  Relationships are the drivers to improvement including your relationship with yourself. 

-  The key to sustaining any new vision is change. 

The last one that really stood out was Whole Systems Healing: Implications for well-being Leadership by Mary Jo Kreitzer author of Integrative Nursing. 

Book recommendations ...
Gentle Actions by: F. David Peat
Solving Tough Problems by: Adam Kahane
Nature Principles by Richard Louv

Check out a very inspirational story by a man named Matthew Sanford who is a disabled yoga instructor.

"Once you grab hold of possibilities,
There aren't any limits. 
All you have to do is believe."

-  Kevin Bjorklund

Another website with some great info and a well being health assessment is:

Key points:

-  Fluctuations are the source of creativity. 

- Leadership is a behavior not a position. 

-  Leadership is what happens when people step forward to make a difference in issues they care about. 

-  Self awareness generates possibilities. 

- Mindfulness is being in the moment, non-judgementally.

-  When you are not practicing mindfulness you become reactive. 

-  Diversity is creativity. 

-  Suspend certainty and embrace uncertainty. 

-  Be willing to let go of the belief that you are right. 

-  We can't do for others what we are not already doing for ourselves. 

-  Health is in your hands. 

-  Nature heals. 

So it's been an extremely long day and even though this post doesn't begin to give you the experience personally it has some great resources and statements to get you thinking and learning with me. 

After I got to go for a walk and experience Lake Erie. 

So exhausted I leave you for the day with a little inspiration to fill your heart and knowledge to guide your journey. Three more days to go and more updates to come. 

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