Tuesday, August 23, 2011

3 more days until competition day......

So it turns out the world is not over and I can still lift heavy weight. What a relief!! Today I had to work all day so didn't even have too much time to think of lifting. I know I do need a life but I am very happy with mine. Some people garden, some sew, I lift heavy weight.

Today I was able to snatch 125lbs for 3 singles. 1st was a press out and the other 2 were not perfect but I stood up with it and completed the lift. That is good enough for me. Luckily I didn't try the dreaded 130lbs. I guess I will save that for the competition. That's right because I am going to go out there and nail 120 or 125 what ever I start with. Which means I will have my chance to conquer 130lbs. It will not get the best of me. I was also able to clean 180lbs for 3 singles. Now I say clean because I missed the first jerk and the next 2 I thought about it and did a little dip and said forget it I guess because I didn't go any further. That whole dip and drive thing went out the waist side. Just need to improve my jerk technique a bit to get under the bar a little more and I will be good to go with that weight. Elbows were a little low but standing up with it works for me. Enjoying a little pain in my wrist at the moment but wrist pain seems to go with the olympic lifting territory so it seems. Some ice and rest I will be good to go for Saturday.

Went out to dinner tonight for my idea of splurging at the moment and ate a spinach salad with chicken and goat cheese, topped with oil and vinegar. The lady did talk me into a couple slices of bread because she said it was whole grain I felt indulging was ok due to their being health benefits to whole grain. I guess I have to add my small cup of asparagus soup to the picture. Now not exactly sure what was in it but the asparagus part will work for me. I know I am really being a rebel now. Some people think I am insane which very well could be but hey we are all a little insane in different ways. My diet plan now consist of making sure everything I put in my mouth has some nutritional benefit. Also staying away from alcohol. Doesn't really make me feel very good anyway.

So all in all it has been a fantastic day even considering the fact that I worked all day but I love my job. I was about to give up on nursing a few years ago but now I feel like I have found my place. Along with working on my training certifications so I can train people on the side. First certification will be in October. I will start with Crossfit because I do learn better with a little hands on. Then heavy lifting and a dinner out with my hubby. Oh I can't forget my 9:30pm softball game that will be coming up. Way too late for a girl who needs a lot of sleep but I love softball so I will sacrifice. It's only one day per week. Each day is a new day and I will enjoy each one to the fullest.

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