Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Half asleep

So yes getting to bed way past my bedtime last night like probably after 11pm. I normally try to go to bed around 8 or 9pm and try for my 8 to 9 hours of sleep. Kinda funny how that just worked out....I didn't realize my bedtime and hours of sleep matched up. The sleep doesn't always workout because sometimes I lay in bed hoping to go to sleep, probably thinking of the barbell. Ok not always but it sounded good. I am not that obsessed! Well at least not all the time.

Was very surprised my weight this morning still 149lbs. My weight doesn't usually stay that low for very long but I am not sure I have always been perfect on my diet for very long so we will see how that works out. I am sure I won't be going down a weight class or anything. The lowest I have been is 148lbs at All Star Fitness when I first lost all my weight. It was a fitness competition but I have to say I did starve myself to get to that. It was well worth it to wear the size 4 jeans which I would still fit in if it wasn't for my thighs.

Breakfast consists of 4 eggs mixed with some peppers and collard greens. I know that sounds disgusting but if you just put a few collard greens in and lots of seasoning they are quite as bad. I also have some mixed fruit (strawberries, blueberries, and grapes). I won't have to say what I eat everyday because I pretty much eat the same thing each day. My new naturopath has told me to differentiate so I do try to change the meat from chicken, turkey and fish. On occasion lean red meat. I try to mix up the veggies. On workout day I will have some complex carbs with breakfast, lunch and dinner such as sweet potato, whole wheat pasta, or brown rice. I have my 1 cup of coffee in the morning with cream and sugar. That is my indulgence. I have cut down to just 1 cup per day. If I want more I have decaf or substitute with a herbal non caffeinated tea. I also try to drink 3 to 4 liters of water per day. Rotating between regular water and coconut water. I hate water except evian (which would break the bank if I drank it all the time with that much water), so I have to find ways to make it better. I learned at the spa I go to serenity spa in tacoma that cucumbers in water is very tasty. Gives it a little flavor. I have also tried mint leaves, lemons, and limes or a combination. It has really been helping.

My softball game last night was incredible. No we didn't win but I felt like I was in the zone behind the plate. I felt like not one ball was getting past me. I always get to get ran over by the runners coming in but thanks to being in good shape I haven't gotten hurt. (knock on wood)  Hitting well not as great but hit one really good hit to the outfield and I hit another home run except the bat missed the ball somehow. lol But I sure swung that thing with all my might. So in real life I was out but I sure thought I was going somewhere. Oh well......It was all worth it. I love that feeling of being in the zone. Feeling like you can do anything and nothing is stopping you. No outside thoughts can come in. Yesterday was that kind of day. Now if I could only have those all the time.

Ok so I know I have been talking my head off but really enjoying writing at the moment. Very strange but it might be improving a bit to something people might want to read if not then you shouldn't have gotten this far into reading this post. Better scarf down the rest of my breakfast and get my lunch ready to frantically run out the door for work. At least spa day after work. Every Wednesday is spa day, makes me happy. :)
This picture below minus my little belly hanging out which is why is outfit is not in my wardrobe. I guess weightlifting makes you a little deformed when it comes to thighs. But don't let that stop you strong is the real sexy!!

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