Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Morning after

I am feeling better this morning. I haven't been so upset about a missed lift in a long time. I had myself really pumped up to conquer the 130lbs though. So worked up that when I didn't do it I felt devastated and let it mess up my whole workout.

This morning weight 149lbs. Lower then usual but feel I am eating enough food. Just been eating very very clean. Energy feels good. The way I am going to make myself feel better about the snatch for the moment is that I would be very happy if I can hit 125lbs on my snatch and 175lbs on my clean in competition. That 130lbs will have to wait to be conquered after I am done unless not worrying about it helps me conquer it before. ;)  Very possible. Worry doesn't do anybody any good.

My mom will be flying in on Friday and I am very very excited. She will come to see me at my competition on Saturday. Sunday and Monday we will all make a trip out to the san jaun islands for the first time and mount rainer to see some wild flowers. I  have always dreamed of seeing a field of wildflowers. Time for my dream to come true after being in Seattle for 3 years and not having made it up there to see them yet. You know we get busy in our lives and don't enjoy the little things. 

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