Sunday, August 21, 2011

Mental Strength

So I know I go quite a long time without writing in my blog. Then when I really get motivated to write I have too many things to write about. Then what usually happens is I start writing and become unhappy with how my thoughts are coming out. I think to myself who would want to read this. That is the negative side coming out. The truth is it wouldn't matter if anybody read it. All in all it only takes touching a few lives to make a difference.

I have done a pretty good amount of reading and work on improving my own mental strength. Developing mental strength is very challenging. Changing habits takes repetition. This morning I was reading through another blog and found a great letter.

My lifting has been improving greatly. Part of that comes from my mental improvements and some from physical technical improvements. I am happy with what I have accomplished so far and very much looking forward to the future and what I will be able to achieve. I don't think there is ever an end to furthering yourself and continuing to make yourself a better person. Now you definitely have to be happy with the steps along the way otherwise it is all kinda useless. I have figured out some of the key things that work best for me when I am lifting and during my life in general is when I clear my mind and let the positive thoughts wash out the negative. Figuring this out doesn't mean it is perfected by far but is for sure better then it was. Clearing your mind is not an easy thing to do. I have looked and practiced some visualization and meditation but not enough to really get better at it. Thinking positive thoughts are a little easier but that can also be kind of tricky because if you just say something positive and don't really believe what you are saying it doesn't do anything. It has to come from deep inside.

Try clearing your mind and think of nothing...... Not as easy as it sounds is it?  What about focusing on one thing....picturing a flower and not letting any other thoughts or images come it. That may be a little easier but still very challenging. I have tried focusing on each part of the body from top to bottom. You contract one area and then let it relax. One thing that seems to really help that I learned in hot yoga is if you take a deep breath in and count to 6. Make the breath slow and really feel it. Do that same thing while breathing out. It is hard to have too many other thoughts if you are deep in your breath.

Everyday I continually try to make improvements in my life and be happy each day for what I am able to accomplish. Not everyday will be sunshine and rainbows as some people put it, but if you put everything into each day then nothing else can be expected of you then that. What have you done recently for yourself? Have you told yourself something positive lately? Don't forget if you are not happy with yourself it is very hard to be happy with anything else.

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