Monday, August 22, 2011

4 more days until competition......

This Saturday I will be attending the Bad Mother Open Weightlifting Championship. I have been doing really great with my lifts. Technique has made tremendous improvements and I feel my mental is very strong.

Last week I made a personal record on my clean and jerk of 180lbs. Today during my workout I worked on single reps preparing for competition. The snatch has been a little more of a struggle for me. I had gotten myself very pumped up today and told myself over and over I could snatch 130lbs. I have done it before and I know I can do it again. But then what confuses me is why don't I. There were so many improvements in my snatch today but instead of thinking of those I just keep thinking of the fact that I didn't finish the lift. On previous days I was cutting my pull short. Today I felt like my pull was better.

Sometimes I get into thinking too much about how repeat a good performance that I end up getting in my own way and messing it up. The way I have an incredible performance day is by letting it happen. You can't force it. You just have to step out of the way. I have a habit of being too hard on myself and sometimes letting the negative take over. Each day I am just going to continue to be as positive as I can and do the very best I can.

My ultimate goal this weekend is to improve my total. My last total was 129kg so I am looking to break 130kg and do it with better technique then I did 129kg. I would really like to qualify for nationals this year which is in July. I would have to break 144kg which I know if possible because in practice I am not that far away. My goal clean and jerk 185lbs and Snatch 135lbs. Of course I want more but setting smaller goals will keep you accomplishing.

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